Ambassador 0.10.1, with gRPC and authentication support

We’ve just released Ambassador 0.10.1 (changelog), our API Gateway built on Lyft Envoy. 0.10.1 includes several major new features:

  • Support for gRPC services (and other HTTP/2-only services). We’re seeing more and more microservices architectures shift to HTTP/2 and gRPC for fast, scalable RPC. With Ambassador, you can extend that protocol support all the way to the edge.
  • Support for HTTP Basic Auth: Ambassador supports a fully self-service interface to authentication using its built-in Basic Auth implementation
  • Support for an external authentication service: Ambassador can now issue a subrequest on every incoming request to your own authentication service, which lets you authenticate incoming requests at the Gateway layer

And, of course, Ambassador is Kubernetes-native and integrates with Istio. If you haven’t had a chance to try it out, you can get started in just a few minutes.