Announcing the Ambassador blog, Ambassador 0.22

We’ve seen rapid growth in the Ambassador community. Users love Envoy, and they love how Ambassador simplifies the configuration and management of Envoy even more. We’re also seeing more users adopting Ambassador because of its simple architecture. By only supporting Kubernetes (and who isn’t thinking about Kubernetes these days?), Ambassador is able to delegate most of the hard challenges of updating, scaling, and persistence to Kubernetes.

To better support the community, we’re launching an Ambassador-specific blog. The Ambassador blog will contain more in-depth articles and use cases on Ambassador. The Datawire blog will focus on our broader mission of enabling developers to code faster on Kubernetes, with articles that focus on the integration of Ambassador with Forge, Telepresence, and the broader ecosystem.

To commemorate the new blog, we’re also announcing Ambassador 0.22. 0.22 is a stability-focused release, with a number of bug fixes. It also switches from Ubuntu to Alpine Linux for the base image, reducing the image size by 54%. For more details on Ambassador 0.22, see our 0.22 announcement blog post, and be sure to follow the new blog on Medium!