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datawire Healthcare It challenge

In 2016, nearly 1.7 million new people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States, and over a third are expected to die from this disease. This healthcare company built a platform to connect cancer patients with clinical trials for potential life-saving treatment. The original platform was built on a WordPress CMS with custom PHP, deployed on AWS.

As demand for the service expanded, the original architecture proved to be highly limiting. The development team struggled to add new features to the application, since different features required changing overlapping components of the application. The development environment was frequently broken as different teams worked on different features.


datawire Healthcare It solution

Datawire configured and deployed a modern Kubernetes/Docker-based infrastructure in AWS. Datawire worked with the development team to identify candidate features and services to deploy on the new infrastructure.

Datawire also deployed a full developer workflow, including:

  • A continuous deployment pipeline
  • Isolated, self-service development environments
  • Service templates, to enable the rapid creation of services

Datawire worked with the development team to identify candidate features and services to deploy on the new infrastructure.


Developer productivity

Developer productivity

With the Datawire stack, developers were able to rapidly create new services, test those services in isolated development environments, and push these services to a production Kubernetes cluster.

“Our developers love the new stack, and quickly found new ways to take advantage of the new capabilities.”

Organizational agility

Organizational agility

Adding new features, no matter how small, required significant knowledge and testing to insure no regressions. With the microservices architecture, new features are coded and deployed as independent services -- without requiring changes to the monolith.

Rapid support

Rapid support

Datawire supports our customers with experts who specialize in Kubernetes and microservices. Our experts provide both proactive, best practices guidance as well as tactical, reactive support as issues arise.

“Datawire was highly responsive in helping to trace and isolate issues, even when they weren’t related to their technology. For example, we struggled with SSL encryption with our Docker repository, and Datawire was able to have an SSL expert track down the issue.”

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