Datawire is helping developers code faster on Kubernetes

In the past year, we’ve spoken extensively about how the key to successfully adopting microservices is adopting new cloud-native development processes that augment your existing workflow. We use the term augment deliberately, since we don’t believe you should replace your workflow — you just need to add some additional tools to your arsenal.

Along our journey, we’ve encountered many engineers who are working hard at implementing cloud-native development processes. We’ve met many more people after our talks who ask us questions such as how do I get started? What’s actually important?

Getting started is hard. Today, we’re excited to announce several new initiatives at Datawire for engineers who are adopting new cloud-native adoption processes and want to code faster on Kubernetes.

Introducing the Acceleration Workshop

Today, we’re announcing the Datawire Acceleration Workshop. This is a half-day workshop that provides a framework for building a development workflow, as well as hands-on training around some of the key components of Kubernetes, Docker, and Layer 7 routing. The workshop includes:

  • A discussion around existing workflows & challenges
  • An interactive engineering/leadership training, Introduction to Service Oriented Development, based on our popular talks at QCon SF, Velocity, and O’Reilly Software Architecture, and tailored based on the discussion
  • A hands-on developer training on a cloud-native workflow with Kubernetes, Docker, and Envoy

After the workshop, attendees will have:

  • An understanding of the key principles of cloud-native development workflows
  • A hands-on view of how Kubernetes, Docker, and Envoy help with the workflow (and their limitations)
  • How to use Git to orchestrate all development and cloud operations

Pricing starts at $2500 for up to 8 engineers. If you’re interested, contact us for a free, 30 minute conversation with an expert.

We’re joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

At Datawire, we depend on major CNCF projects such as Kubernetes, Envoy, and Docker. The CNCF has done a phenomenal job in shepherding these projects. More recently, the CNCF community has started to focus more on the application developer and workflows. Some of the exciting work in this area includes the Kubernetes Declarative Application Management working group and the momentum behind the Kubernetes Application Developer certification. We’re excited to be joining the CNCF community, and engaging more broadly in improving the application developer experience.

Announcing The Code Faster guides

We’ve seen rapid adoption of our open source tools: Telepresence (local development), Forge (use Git to define and deploy your applications), and Ambassador (Envoy-powered API Gateway). Many of our customers have been asking us on how these three tools work together to provide a more complete development workflow. So today, we’re also announcing the beta release of the Code Faster guides, which walk through how you can use our tools to build your own workflow.

Stay tuned

We’re working hard on a number of new features and capabilities so that you can continue to code faster on Kubernetes. Stay tuned.