Looking forward to KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe

Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) officially announced the schedule for KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2019. The Datawire team have bean active participants in KubeCon & CloudNativeCon since the event in Austin in 2017, and we’re so excited about how our community has grown alongside the Kubernetes community over the last two years. The presence of Ambassador and Telepresence continues to grow at KubeCon in Barcelona, and we’re looking forward to the following talks:

Effective Development with Kubernetes: The Sequel — Philip Lombardi, Datawire

Every software development cycle is rife with inefficiency. Seasoned developers know the pain of getting access to essential remote systems, waiting for tests to run (and then fail), or debugging with only log files. With Kubernetes, this problem only gets more complex due to the inefficient build-package-push cycle . In my talk at KubeCon NA, I covered techniques for accelerating the “inner dev loop” such as Telepresence & Docker, and received interesting feedback and a request to cover the challenge from the larger perspective
In this talk, I’ll cover techniques for accelerating the “outer dev loop” such as canary releasing, real-time production debugging, version-aware routing, and more. The goal of these techniques is to enable independent application product teams to push to production, at any time, while minimizing fear.

Securing Cloud Native Communication, from End User to Service — Daniel Bryant, Datawire, and Nic Jackson, Hashicorp

Everyone building or operating cloud native applications must understand the fundamentals of security issues and modern threat models. Although this topic is vast, in this talk Nic and Daniel will focus on the end-to-end communication and higher-level networking threats, and explore how the combination of an edge proxy and service mesh using TLS and mTLS can be used to mitigate many man-in-the-middle attacks.

Key takeaways include:

  • An understanding of the “three pillars” of service mesh functionality: observability, reliability, and security. A service mesh is in a unique place to enforce security features like mTLS
  • Learn how to ensure that there are no exploitable “gaps” within the end-to-end/user-to-service communication path. 
  • Explore the differences in ingress/mesh control planes, with brief demonstrations using Ambassador and Consul Connect

Intro: Telepresence— Richard Li, Datawire

As part of the maintainer track, we’ll talk about development workflows for Kubernetes. We’ll discuss the differences between traditional development, and different approaches people take to building Kubernetes services. We’ll then introduce Telepresence and discuss how it integrates with different organizational development workflows. Finally, we’ll talk about the evolution of Telepresence and how we are actively moving Telepresence forward from its heritage as a VPN-type approach into a more sophisticated L7 routing layer for developers.

Reproducible Development and Deployment with Bazel and Telepresence— Christian Roggia, Engel & Voelkers Technology GmbH

As the system grows in size and complexity the pain of maintaining an up-to-date local environment becomes less and less sustainable. Developers will eventually have to deal with large docker-compose YAMLs and strict build guidelines, slowing down the development process and encouraging build-push-deploy cycles instead. This talk will explore a better approach to the issue by making both development and deployment fully reproducible, reducing required efforts and allowing for more reliable releases.

Attendees will be introduced to the Bazel ecosystem combined with Telepresence’s proxying capabilities. The final goal is to understand how Bazel can help developers achieve a fully hermetic and reproducible build environment, and how locally produced images can be connected from developers’ machines to the remote cluster through the two-way communication proxy offered by Telepresence.

See you there!

If you’ll be in Barcelona, follow us on Twitter (@datawireio) or join our Slack to get in touch with us, and be sure to stop by the Datawire booth in the vendor hall to grab some new swag! Let the countdown to Barcelona begin!