Microservices.com Practitioner Summit 2017 Wrap Up

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Microservices.com Practitioner Summit this week, and for all the engineers who tuned in via the livestream.

We sold out of all 220 tickets, compared to 50 last year, and filled the San Francisco venue with cloud engineers, execs, and architects.

The purpose of the Summit is to share learnings from microservice practitioners with engineers from cloud companies who are actively adopting a microservice architecture. The topics this year centered around technology choices, migrations and case studies, and then microservices and your organization.

For technology, Matt Klein from Lyft shared Envoy, and Varun Talwar from Google talked about gRPC. Migration and case study talks came from Josh Holtzman at Xoom/PayPal, Christian Posta from Red Hat, and Datawire’s own Rafi Schloming.

The organizational talks came from Susan Fowler of Stripe and Uber, and Nic Benders from New Relic.

If you couldn’t make the Summit in person or attend the livestream, we’ll have talk recordings and transcripts live at microservices.com/talks very soon. Visit that page to subscribe to notifications.

We’re beginning preparations for the next Summit, so if you have microservices challenges you’re solving let us know in the comments so we can begin finding speakers who can share best practices solving those problems at their companies.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Summit!