What are the most common cloud infrastructure technologies?

Over the past few years, new technologies and approaches for software application development have matured at breakneck pace: Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, to name a few. Many of these technologies have been used to accelerate the adoption of microservices and continuous delivery. In January 2017, Datawire conducted a survey to help understand some of these trends.

Respondent Demographics

We conducted a survey of 425 people from over 300 different companies interested in or currently adopting microservices. Of the 425 respondents, job titles varied in seniority from developer – manager, and spanned job functions of DevOps (works on operational infrastructure) and platform engineer (works on the core platform and technologies that developers use).

Company Demographics

We collected data from each survey respondent on the number of microservices in production at each of the 300+ companies they represent. The majority of organizations has at least one microservice running in production.

Respondents also reported the size of their organization’s DevOps team. Below, we show the size of a DevOps organization as a function of the number of microservices running in production.

As shown in the graphs above, there is a positive correlation between the number of microservices running in production and the number of DevOps engineers at a given organization.

Cloud Application Dependencies

Respondents were asked what infrastructure their cloud application depended on. Results were filtered to display the responses only from developers.

As shown in the graph above, MySQL / MariaDB and Redis / Elasticache are the most common application dependencies among developers.

Infrastructure Providers

Respondents were asked what infrastructure their organization runs in production. Results were filtered to display only responses from DevOps and platform engineers.

Respondents could select multiple answers to the above question, so this data was further broken down to determine how many infrastructure providers organizations are typically running in production.

Of the organizations using only one infrastructure provider, the most common providers of the ones listed were EC2 and Azure. This is shown in the graph below.

Of the organizations using more than one provider, the most common pairing is AWS EC2, ECS and Lambda.

This technology landscape is always changing. Share your thoughts with us in the survey below or email me at kelsey@datawire.io.