Self-service provisioning for microservices in Kubernetes and AWS

Why organizations use Loom

Create and deploy services faster.

Empower developers to easily create services, without requiring developers to write infrastructure-as-code or open tickets with operations.

Improve operational efficiency, without sacrificing control.

Developers no longer need to ask operations to create resources. Instead, operations creates standard templates for resources based on best practices.

Deploy Kubernetes in AWS, on-demand.

Loom ships with pre-configured models for creating Kubernetes clusters in AWS, so you can get a cluster running in just a few minutes.

How it works

With Loom, developers use a RESTful API to request specific resources (e.g., a database, or Kubernetes cluster). Loom then creates that resource based on model defined by an operations engineer. Loom ships with pre-configured models for creating development Kubernetes clusters in AWS. Behind the scenes, Loom generates Terraform and/or Kubernetes commands to configure your resources.