Why organizations use Telepresence

Debug Locally

Debug your Kubernetes service locally, using your favorite debugging tool.

Instant Feedback

Test and iterate on code changes instantly, instead of waiting for your deployment cycle.

Realistic Environment

With Telepresence, you're developing on a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster, which can be configured to be identical to production. Eliminate bugs due to differences between development and production environments.

Minimal Resource Footprint

Telepresence adds virtually zero overhead to your development environment. It only requires the memory and CPU necessary to run your actual service. Don't let your laptop melt from running minikube!

Use Your Own Tools

Use your favorite code editor, debugger, profiler, or other tools. Anything that runs on your laptop works with Telepresence.

How it works

Telepresence substitutes a two-way network proxy for your normal pod running in the Kubernetes cluster. This pod proxies data from your Kubernetes environment (e.g., TCP connections, environment variables, volumes) to the local process. The local process has its networking transparently overridden so that DNS calls and TCP connections are routed through the proxy to the remote Kubernetes cluster.