Six musings on Lyft Envoy, microservices, and the market

Matt Klein’s recent post on Lyft Envoy (and a subsequent Hacker News discussion) prompted some thoughts on the state of microservices technology.

  1. The technology landscape for microservices is changing rapidly. Envoy is seven months old, yet Google, IBM, and a bevy of startups are already part of the community and driving adoption forward. Case in point: we’re trying to fill in some gaps with basic HOWTOs with Envoy.
  2. Even older technologies such as HAProxy are adding features in response to microservices and these new use cases, e.g., HAProxy added seamless reloads after smart organizations like Yelp developed convoluted workarounds.
  3. The CNCF is doing an amazing job as a neutral arbiter of many of the key technologies needed for microservices adoption. And I’m not just talking about the big well-known projects like Kubernetes or Prometheus, either. I love that they’re looking at respected but less well-known projects such as Vitess.
  4. We’re still in the early stages of microservices adoption. In 2015, there were few actual practitioners, even at cloud-native companies. In 2017, there are many efforts underway, and the conversation has become ever more pragmatic.
  5. I miss seeing Adrian Cockroft everywhere. In 2015 and 2016, he seemed to be at every conference, educating all of us on microservices.
  6. The hexagon as a logo seems to be incredibly popular (yes, we’re guilty of this too). Apache Mesos, OpenTracing, Datawire to name a few. So if you’re into hexagons, here are instructions on how to make a DIY hexagon planter.