Telepresence 0.81 released

Telepresence 0.81 is now available. This release features much better error and crash reporting, so we can better help troubleshoot failures:

  • Now supports IPv4 reverse lookups when using --method-inject-tcp.
  • No longer crashes when Telepresence can’t write to its log file.
  • All logfile content is now time and origin stamped, to simplify debugging.
  • The logfile now contains more information about local and cluster setup to aid with bug reports and troubleshooting.
  • The crash reporter captures more relevant information.
  • When using the vpn-tcp method, DNS queries from the domain search path now yield NXDOMAIN. This results in more predictable DNS behavior.

Upgrading Telepresence

To upgrade to Telepresence 0.81, you can use your local package manager.

On Mac OS X:

brew upgrade datawire/blackbird/telepresence

On Ubuntu:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install --no-install-recommends telepresence

On Fedora:

sudo dnf upgrade telepresence


We’d like to thank all the various contributors who have worked on testing and using Telepresence. If you have a story on how you’re using Telepresence, feel free to drop us a line @datawireio.