Telepresence joins the CNCF

Today, we’re excited to announce that Telepresence has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Telepresence was voted in as a sandbox level project by members of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), and is the first project focused on developers building applications on Kubernetes. (Special thanks to the TOC sponsors of the project, Alexis Richardson and Camille Fournier!) Telepresence joining the CNCF marks an important step towards improving the developer experience for cloud native applications.

Telepresence and the CNCF

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations adopting Kubernetes and microservices. Our biggest takeaway is that the key to successfully adopting these technologies is a cultural shift in how you build your software. In the cloud-native world, organizations need to figure out how to decentralize decision making, and turn software engineers into software owners. We’ve talked about these concepts extensively, with our talks at O’Reilly Software Architecture conference, KubeCon NA, articles on our own site, and The New Stack.

We built Telepresence as a first step to helping software engineers build software more effectively on cloud-native technologies. So we’re excited that the CNCF has accepted Telepresence as a project, and we see this as a first step in an industry-wide initiative to improve the experience for developers on Kubernetes. The CNCF provides Telepresence with a neutral home to promote collaboration and we are excited to have Telepresence sit alongside the other CNCF projects.

Telepresence overview

Telepresence is an open source tool that lets you run a single service locally, while connecting that service to a remote Kubernetes cluster. This allows developers building cloud native apps on Kubernetes to:

  • Do fast local development of a single service, even if that service is dependent on other services in your cluster.
  • Use any locally-installed tools to test/debug/edit their services (e.g., an IDE)
  • Make their local development machine operate as if it’s part of the Kubernetes cluster.

We open sourced Telepresence about a year ago, and since then we’ve seen rapid growth and community engagement.

Join the Community

The Telepresence community is constantly growing. Here are some useful links for you to get involved: