Code Faster on Kubernetes: How to build a development workflow

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What’s the key to successfully adopting microservices on Kubernetes?

Building a development workflow that helps developers code faster.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce the principles of a cloud-native development workflow where individual teams build and ship software independently from each other. Based on our work with leading cloud-native companies, as well as our own experiences, we’ll cover:

  • Why workflow is so important
  • The role of Kubernetes and Docker in your workflow
  • Why managing L7 is so important
  • How to implement a cloud-native development workflow
  • Demo of our internal cloud-native workflow that lets you quickly build and ship software

Note: This is an extended version of the talk we presented at KubeCon 2017.

“This was one of the most useful and informative talk of the day” — KubeCon 2017 Attendee

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