What is Cloud Native?

Cloud native is a culture. This culture is a new way of building software that decentralizes decision making so you can move faster. By empowering software engineers to be software owners, cloud native organizations deliver business value faster.

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The Cloud Native Flywheel

Cloud native cultures have four key reinforcing principles. Together, these principles create a fast-moving, agile cloud native organization.

Improved Developer Experience

The new platforms and tooling that have emerged from cloud native technologies bring many advantages, but also require new skills and techniques in order to harness them effectively. Improving the developer experience is primarily focused on reducing the friction between forming a hypothesis to something running in production and providing (observable) business value.

Continuous Delivery

The ability to be able to deliver software rapidly and safely are now table stakes for many modern organisations. Following the well-established principles of continuous delivery and ensuring that application code and config is always ready to be deployed is essential, as is the automation of both functional and nonfunctional tests and the deployment process itself.

Product Ownership

IT is moving away from the traditional view of being a separate cost centre to an integral part of any business. Accordingly, modern software delivery teams must own the full product lifecycle, from hypothesis testing to deployment and long term operation.

Cloud Architecture

Architecture styles such as microservices, event-driven systems and function-as-a-service in combination with container and cloud technologies are core drivers of creating software that is modular, resilient, and elastic.