Accelerate your development workflow

The difference between success and failure of your microservices journey is your development workflow. We’ve spoken to many engineers who are implementing cloud-native development processes, and the most common question they ask is "How do I get started?".

The Acceleration Workshop

This half-day workshop provides a framework for building a development workflow, as well as hands-on training around some of the key components of Kubernetes, Docker, and Layer 7 routing.

The workshop includes:

  • A discussion around existing workflows and challenges
  • An interactive engineering/leadership training, “Introduction to Service Oriented Development”, based on our popular talks at QCon SF, Velocity, and O’Reilly Software Architecture, and tailored based on the discussion
  • A hands-on developer training on a cloud-native workflow with Kubernetes, Docker, and Envoy

After the workshop, attendees will have:

  • An understanding of the key principles of cloud-native development workflows
  • A hands-on view of how Kubernetes, Docker, and Envoy help with the workflow (and their limitations)
  • How to use Git to orchestrate all development and cloud operations

Pricing starts at $2500 for up to 8 developers.