Announcing the 2017 Practitioner Summit

I’m excited to announce that the second annual Microservices Practitioner Summit will be held on January 31, 2017 in San Francisco. We’ve got an amazing lineup of practitioners from across the industry who will talk about real-world challenges (and solutions!) to adopting microservices, including:

  • Susan Fowler, SRE and Uber who wrote the book on Production-Ready Microservices and is responsible for standardizing Uber’s 1500+ microservices.
  • Nic Benders, chief architect at New Relic.
  • Matt Klein who wrote Envoy, Lyft’s open source edge and service proxy.

This event builds on our Summit from last year, which featured talks from Netflix, HubSpot, Yelp, and others (in case you’re interested, you can check out their talks here). Here’s what Bjorn had to say about the event:

“Because you never know how useful new conferences will be, I attended the 2016 Microservices Practitioner Summit on my own dime. But the event was so valuable, both the advice from the speakers and from the other attendees, that this January I’m taking a team of developers.”

Bjorn Freeman-Benson, CTO, InVision

Building agility and reliability into complex software applications, and delivering new capabilities and features to market quickly is mission-critical for cloud technology companies. Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Yelp, and others have led the way in adopting microservices as the architecture for developmental agility and velocity.

Come join us at the Summit to learn how others have used microservices, and to share your story too.

Visit to get your tickets.

Hope to see you there!