Join the Datawire Crew

We're an innovative, intellectually curious team dedicated to building infrastructure and tools that empower developers and engineering organizations to scale faster than ever. Not only are we building on state-of-the-art infrastructure such as Kafka, Spinnaker, and Docker—but we’re working on enhancing these technologies to make them accessible. We want to work with passionate and solutions-oriented colleagues—it's that simple.

Our People

Our people are key to our success, and we’re building our company—people first. We have few rules here besides be committed, do your best, and accept constructive criticism if it makes you better. is on a fierce journey to build a complex solution in an emerging market. And that’s not a cliche; it’s true.

Our team is passionate about learning, curious, authentic, a little odd, ambitious, opinionated, and most importantly we are devoted to making Datawire a great place to work and build something amazing. If you want to join a world-class team and create waves in a booming industry with great colleagues and leadership, drop us a note.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission: to help development organizations scale. We believe that microservices is an architectural approach that enables distributed development of cloud applications. We’ve spoken to dozens of companies about how they successfully adopted microservices, and we’re applying the lessons they’ve learned to building practical, open source software so that any organization can adopt microservices.

Added Bonuses (doubtful you join us for perks, but worth mentioning):

  • Flexible Work Environment & Schedule
  • BCBS Medical & Dental (PPO or HMO) with Majority Paid
  • Flex Spending, Pre-Tax Transit and Parking
  • Major Holidays Respected
  • Honor System for Vacation (not tracked and we really want you to take time off)
  • Equity/Options
  • Training and conference allowance
  • We cover travel & expenses for any conference that you’re speaking at
  • Work with one of the best teams in your career.

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OSS Software Engineer, Telepresence