KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Preview: What to watch for in Seattle!

We’re super excited to be heading to Seattle in a few weeks for our 3rd KubeCon & CloudNativeCon! After taking some time to plan our schedules for the week of the conference, we’re focusing our agendas into three categories – Envoy Proxy, Developer Experience, and Case Studies. Read on to learn more about why these topics are important to us and which talks we recommend!

Envoy Proxy

Managing L7 communications in a microservice architecture is critical, and over the last few years strategies for doing so have evolved rapidly. With the announcement of Envoy’s graduation from the CNCF there will surely be lots of excitement around Envoy Proxy and other integrated technologies. In addition to the lineup for EnvoyCon, a co-located event on Monday 12/9, we’re also looking forward to “Reducing Mean-Time-to-Detection of Incidents with an Envoy Service Mesh” by Constance Caramanolis from Lyft.  

Developer Experience

The developer experience on Kubernetes remains a hot topic this year. We’ve written about this topic on our website and with The New Stack. As Kubernetes evolves, the challenges faced by developers remain, especially when it comes to deploying an application on a local machine. We experienced these challenges firsthand, and in turn, wrote Telepresence, which is now a CNCF Sandbox level project.

If you’re facing these challenges, and are interested in learning more about developer workflows on Kubernetes and Telepresence, check out the following talks:

Case Studies

Over the last few months, it seems there has been an increasing amount of skepticism around what kinds of teams do and don’t need Kubernetes. In light of a few recent articles about using Kubernetes for personal projects, several members of the community have spoken out about when you might not need Kubernetes.

The case study track at KubeCon will be a great place to get pragmatic advice from practitioners that have used Kubernetes to solve problems at their companies. Some talks from the case study track we’re looking forward to:

See You There!

The Datawire team will be hanging out throughout the week at our booth in the vendor hall, so be sure to stop by to chat about any of these topics and check out the latest demo of Telepresence, Ambassador, and Ambassador Pro (and of course grab some super cool swag)! We can’t wait to see you there!